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Zombie Airlines a new term for airlines on the rack

We are seeing the emergence of a new industry term "Zombie Airlines" being used to describe airlines whose owners are refusing to continue to back them through this difficult European economic recession, thereby placing them at risk of ceasing to fly. It is being suggested that Spanair's demise  last week, after the withdrawal of support from its Provincial Government backing, will herald more collapses as difficult trading conditions and escalating costs continue to bite. HIgh on the lists being bandied around by journalists include EasternEuropean carriers, Malev and Czech airlines, whilst further afield the troubled, but once great, Air Zimbabwe is named. Even more worrying is when airlines like the mighty Scandinavian giant, SAS, gets the news from their Government shareholders that any  further aid is unlikely to be forthcoming, whilst also learning that  their major low cost competitor, Norwegian, has announced a record breaking order for 222 brand new aircraft... a squeeze is a squeeze in any industry but it becomes even more painful when the one being squeezed is also publicly linked with an "old planes and high costs" image by the newer upstart...

It is no exaggeration  to say that we are in the midst of an industry transformation, one which will ultimately provide passengers with lower ticket prices on more efficient aircraft operated by ruthlessly cost-centric organisations, but for many it will be a painful transformation where the old ways are swept aside by the aggressive use of new technologies and less customer centric policies. Alternative Airlines will continue to support lesser known airlines around the globe with our focus continuing to be one where we aim to offer our passengers a bigger, better informed choice of carrier - where ever and whenever they wish to fly.  Despite airline consolidations, mergers, acquisitions and failures choice will continue to grow as new airlines launch and established airlines with real competitive advantage thrive, Alternative Airlines will continue to keep abreast of the changes and help our passengers make sense of a turbulent industry.


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